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Lingane and Associates is an engineering firm providing consulting and product development services related to electronic systems, with a specialty in analytical instrumentation and medical diagnostic products. Assignments have included projects such as:

Paul J. Lingane, principal, has 25 years of experience developing successful technology products. Mr. Lingane taps into a network of professionals representing a variety of disciplines in product design, building a team as needed to address the project at hand.


Lingane and Associates regularly works on projects requiring expertise in the following areas:

Recent Projects

Program Management

Technical management of a contract design and manufacturing firm producing a new consumer blood glucose meter. This involved setting the objectives, monitoring progress to coordinate with the client's internal development, and doing whatever was necessary to keep the project on schedule.

Acting head of engineering for an analytical instrument start-up company, establishing the department and directing the team of consultants and employees for an "on-time" prototype design and fabrication. This multidisciplinary development involved optics, electronics, fluidics, mechanical mechanisms and packaging, and interfaced closely with the software and chemical reagent teams to produce a complete, integrated system.

Prototype Development

Assembled the hardware and software to demonstrate a new concept in internet-delivered, out-of-home rich-media advertising that interacts with viewers. Created the concept of measuring individual viewer demographics in real time and then serving that individual with an ad that matches their profile. A successful demonstration secured initial venture capital funding for this new start-up company. Co-inventor on one patent application.

Designed a new doctor's office blood test system involving electronics, optics, embedded firmware and mechanical design. Used prototype manufacturing processes to produce enough units to carry client through clinical trials and FDA 510(k) clearance. Developed software tools for evaluating system performance.

Created a computer-controlled mechanical mechanism to quantify the tissue-removal effectiveness among different designs in a new family of surgical ablation tools.

Problem Solving, Design Review and Technical Writing

Completed evaluation, testing, design modification, and certification for world-wide safety and EMC compliance for a new industrial power-monitoring product.

Solved stability problems of a motor control loop.

Ongoing manufacturing engineering support solving technical problems with a battery powered blood glucose meter.

Reviewed the electronic design of a new surgical ablation device.

Performed design review activities and wrote a Theory of Operation (75 pages) for a new blood diagnostic monitor that involves optics, electromechanical devices, electronics, and firmware.

Software Verification and Validation

Set up and implemented a process of verification and validation of the software in various medical devices in conformance with FDA expectations.

Technology Feasibility Studies

Feasibility evaluation of a new application of the Global Positioning System (GPS) for an investor group. Developed a breadboard system of the hardware, evaluated competitive GPS receivers, developed software and test methods to identify performance differences and suitability to the application, collection and analysis of field data, and report preparation.

Developed a measurement and control system using LabView software to demonstrate a new technology for fluid transport in a microfluidic system. Co-authored three patents.

Developed a breadboard system that demonstrated the feasibility of automatically measuring the pressure in an automobile tire as it rolls over a roadbed sensor.

Paul J. Lingane Principal, Lingane and Associates

Mr. Lingane has been developing technology-based products for 25 years. Trained in electronic circuits and computer hardware and software at Harvard and Berkeley, his technical experience includes analog, RF, and digital circuits, embedded controller firmware, medical instrument system design, temperature measurement and control, and performance testing and data analysis.

Mr. Lingane spent eleven years in Research & Development at Hewlett-Packard Company. He completed the full development cycle for four test and measurement instruments for the RF communications market. Each project was an in-depth experience in a different technical discipline: analog circuits, digital circuits, controller firmware, and RF systems engineering.

He then moved to Biotrack, Inc., a successful medical diagnostics start-up company. As Director of Electrical Engineering he managed a department in a matrix organization, providing resources for new product development as well as guidance on improving the development process to produce manufacturable designs. His personal technical contributions included developing Biotrack's second product, a battery-powered blood coagulation instrument. 

Mr. Lingane became Director of Engineering at Abaxis, where he managed a multidisciplinary team of 10 engineers to develop the first instrument products of this medical diagnostic start-up company. The Piccolo and Vetscan blood analyzers are reliable portable spectrophotometers with performance equivalent to laboratory devices. This successful on-time development was one factor that enabled the company to go public in January 1992.

Mr. Lingane founded Lingane and Associates in 1992 to provide consulting and product development services.

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